RKC temperature sensors Series ST-50 is a top seller where you need a simple and exact temperature controll without any complicated installation instructions – just plug and play!

RKC Series ST-50 suits perfecly in applications where you need to measure temperature on small surfaces or small objects. With a sensor thickness of only 0,18-0,34 mm you will easily find a small surfce to attach the sensor right at the point where you want to controll the temperature. Adhisive tip avaialble as an option.

RKC ST-50 temperatur sensor


A few examples where ST-50 is will suited to measure temperature:

RKC ST-50 applikationer


ST-50 is a Type K thermocouple element, JIS-1602 klass 2 and have a temperture range of  -34…+300°C. The temperaturesensor is fitted in to a quick coupling with several options for connecting the ST-50 sensor to a PLC, a controller, a recorder or a display.

RKC ST-50 anslutningar


With a sampling time of 0,03-0,08 sec you get an impressivly fast reading which helps you controll your temperature settings with great accuracy.

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Click below link for a simple film clip where you can see how fast the sensor reacts:

Film clip: Click here