Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches are commonly used to trigger an alarm or break an electric circuit in order to control a fluidic systems pressure from falling too low or rising to high. We offer a wide range of electro-mechanical and electronical pressure switches for all pressure ranges; from vacuum to low pressure applications as well as high pressure (such as can be found in for example hydraulic systems). The electro-mechanical switch often consists of a pressure sensing membrane in low pressure applications while a combination of membrane and piston or a pure piston design is often used for middle to high pressures. For very high pressures as well as demanding applications, bourdone tube switches are recommended.

Our Pressure Switches come in a variety of designs; compact OEM models to robust hydraulic versions. Many of our Pressure Switches can be supplied with approvals for specific applications such as for example marine systems, explosive environments or applications in high security zones in nuclear power plants.

Our most common models include:
•BPS3000, electronic pressure switch with built in display, up to 2 set points and analog output as option
•UDS1V2, compact electronic pressure switch without display, easy ”teach and go” programing function.
•DCA-series, compact low pressure switch,settings from 0…2 bar
•Series 9000, compact piston pressure switch, typically used in hydraulic applications
•Series 8000, compact piston/membrane pressure switch suitable for a wide range of applications
•E1H-series, robust piston/membrane switch for vacuum up to 34 bar, suitable for process- and marine applications
•P1H-series, robust piston/membrane switch for up to 107 bar, suitable for process-, marine- and power industry
•D-series, membrane switch for vckuum up to 10 bar with high accuracy, suitable for process-, marine- and power industry
•DPD-series, differential pressure switch, typical applications in filter monitoring
•B-series, bourdone tube switch for high pressures, up to 1200 bar, suitable for process-, marine- and power industry
•DBG-series, robust piston/membrane switch for marine applications up to 32 bar.

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